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Studio Ignite is a "studio without walls" producing media that inspires healthy, sustainable living.
Since 2002, Studio Ignite has created media to inspire and uplift. From the film that launched the Voices in Wartime network to helping document the numerous builds with Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity, we celebrate 'whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right...'

To "tend" and "renew" are parallel themes in each project - to nurture the inner life - to "be in this world, but not of this world."

Thriving on the synergy between arts and science, documentary projects span from historical understanding of culture and poetry to the placement of cameras into the hands of youth that will enhance their media literacy. 
Experience of the Word with FORM®

Studio Ignite produces learning materials for the practice of FORM.

We help people develop movement flow unique to their physicality with the rhythm and tone that speaks most deeply within them.

Through multi-sensory learning students develop their own FORM of practice and find that it awakens devotional time while enjoying whole body health.

Bring forth strength and vitality in your whole body - are you experiencing pain today? Let us share with you ways that we have found healing and transformed injuries into new paths for growth and wholeness.

As we learn to slow down and release what is not necessary, stillness becomes our teacher - the subtlety of breath and movement can speak to us and help us find our true path.
  a practice of meditation movement
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